Convert Video to DVD

There's no denying it - your precious memories are deteriorating fast when they are stored in an analogue format on a VHS video tape.

Price Schedule

Standard video to DVD conversion $40
Extra video on to one dvd (if under 2hrs in total) $15
Extra copy of DVD $15

The only way to protect and preserve your precious video tapes is by converting them into a digital format.

We can convert any of the following types of video tapes:

  • VHS (Standard Video tape)
  • VHS-C (Very old video camera tape)
  • Sony Hi8 (First sony digital video camera tapes)
  • MiniDV (Newest digital video tape used by most video cameras today)

The price per video to DVD conversion is $40ea.

The maximum video you can fit onto one tape is 2hrs - if it is more than this it will be $15 extra for additional DVDs.

If you would like multiple copies of your video to give to family or friends, we can do these for $15.00 each.

We can burn your converted video to a DVD that is playable on most DVD players, or a DVD that allows you to copy the converted video file onto your computer for further editing or storing.

If you have a number of small video tapes with small clips on, we can combine these onto one DVD to cut down on cost. For an extra tape to be combined on a DVD the cost is $15, rather than another $35 to get that tape on its own DVD.

To arrange for your tapes to be collected or dropped off to us please contact us. We also have a courier pickup & delivery service, get in touch to discuss this.